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News Headlines 07.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 7th January 2013

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Letter from America 07.01.13

Dr. Stan Mukasa reviews the political challenges and opportunities for Zimbabweans in 2013.

Behind the Headlines 07.01.13

Following the death of a baby elephant transported to a zoo in China in November 2012, Tererai talks to Johnny Rodrigues from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force and commentator Wilbert Mukori. Both blast the global body responsible for monitoring the trade in endangered species, CITES, for licensing the sale of four baby elephants that were flown to Chinese zoos in November. Rodrigues said he believes someone at CITES is giving in to greed and pleaded for help to stop 14 other young elephants from being sent to China. Mukori the licensing aspect of this trade was part of the ongoing looting and greed that has taken over Zimbabwe.

Callback 07.01.13

Godknows says it will be catastrophic for the MDC to go into elections without reforms and all outstanding issues having been implemented. The MDC lacks good leadership and has poor advisers, especially when fighting an evil party like ZANU PF, and that is cause for concern; while Mapendere says it’s high time Mugabe and his ZPF leadership stop being selfish, look at themselves in the mirror and feel sorry for the people. They should save the country from ruin, for the future of our children.