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News Headlines 08.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 8th January 2013

Newsreel 08.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday Tuesday 8th 2013

Different Points of View 08.01.13

Duane talks about questionable practices and predictions by some who may or may not be false prophets. It makes him sad when the credibility of the truly miraculous is adversely affected.

Diaspora Diaries 08.01.13

Alex Bell speaks to Beitbridge businessman Moffat Ndou who talks about the chaos he has witnessed at the border in the past week. He says the situation has had a serious impact on local businesses, and also on people meant to have returned to SA for work on time. Education Minister David Coltart says the situation was “entirely predictable” and urgent measures need to be taken to prevent a repeat of the chaos.

Callback 08.01.13

Pedzi says Mugabe does not have executive powers as before. He should stop making a noise about dissolving parliament and calling for elections without consulting his partners in government, as he is supposed to according to the GPA; Bassop says its high time Zimbabweans from all walks of life stop being used by politicians to commit violence against others, just to help them get into power and enrich themselves.