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Newsreel 09.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 9th January 2013

News Headlines 09.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 9th January 2013

Hidden Story 09.01.13

Displaced cotton farmers in Chisumbanje are fighting to reclaim their land, allegedly invaded by Macdom, the company running the Ethanol fuel project in Manicaland. The MDC-T MP for the area, Meki Makuyana, says government needs to move in fast to resolve the dispute before it spirals out of control.

Southern Africa Focus 09.01.13

Alex Bell questions what the future holds for hunting in Southern Africa, with Zambia joining Botswana in suspending licences for trophy hunting. Zim conservationist Johnny Rodrigues explains why he thinks the rest of the region should follow suit. Alex also looks at the details of a report on immigrant child detention in South Africa, which says at least 600 minors were illegally deported last year.

Callback 09.01.13

Nqobile says more and more companies are closing in Bulawayo and relocating to Harare. No reasons are given and many people believe it’s to do with politics. ZANU PF has no support in the region so the only thing they can do is to fix the people by denying them employment; while Navana says the Zim situation could change either way. Things might be better or worse in 2013, as it’s a do or die year for the country.