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News Headlines 11.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 11th January 2013

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 11th January 2013

Beyond Protest 11.01.13

Statistics show that one in every three women will suffer some form of violence in their lifetime. That means one billion women around the planet. Tererai talks to Rumbidzai Dube about a global campaign to end this violence. Rumbi is a legal advisor for the women’s online portal HER ZIMBABWE, who have partnered with the global One Billion Rising campaign. The idea is to use Valentines’ Day to help end violence against women.

Callback 11.01.13

Angie, a human rights activist from Bikita, says efforts should be made to arrest perpetrators of violence to break the cycle of impunity, as the same figures who caused mayhem in 2008 have again begun an orgy of terror among villagers; while Citizen from Chivi Central says ZANU PF’s strategy of intimidating the electorate before an election has started in his area. But he believes the former ruling party, which he claims has been lying to the people, will lose the parliamentary seats as voters are now more informed.

Letter From Zimbabwe 11.01.13

Cathy Buckle’s weekly Letter from Zimbabwe, in which she writes: “Everyone said that our rainy season was six weeks late and now it’s making up for it with downpours of at least 25 mm every day for the last ten days and in between times producing the odd 75 ml storms too. As a result we’re afloat. Monster potholes are everywhere; there are lakes across roads whose storm drains haven’t been cleared for years and mammoth piles of uncollected and dumped garbage float along the verges and grow larger by the day at food and vegetable markets.”