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News Headlines 14.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 14th January 2013

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 14th January 2013

Letter from America 14.01.13

Dr. Stan Mukasa looks again at the Barack Obama re-election strategies, to highlight some lessons Zims pro-democracy movement can adopt this year.

Behind the Headlines 14.01.13

The United Nations’ World Tourism Conference is due to take place at Victoria Falls in August. It’s now become a key factor in determining a date for elections, as there will be a global spotlight Zimbabwe in the period leading up to the Conference. Tererai speaks to political analyst Clifford Mashiri, who says he agrees with those who want elections held before the Conference. Their argument is that the global spotlight would make it difficult for ZANU PF to unleash their normal election violence.

Callback 14.01.13

George Sithole from Gokwe says villagers in his area are suffering from the lack of development. People walk 40km to their nearest shops, as there is no transport because of the poor road network, 32 years after independence; and Mukoma “Citizen” from Chivi, Masvingo province, says ZANU PF perpetrators of violence need psychological counselling to help them learn to live with others again. The violence experienced by some of the war vets and younger thugs has turned them into angry people who know only one way to think. Citizen appeals to NGOs to go to remote areas and do peace building workshops for perpetrators, and not just help the victims.