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News Headlines 15.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 15th January 2013

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Diaspora Diaries 15.01.13

Alex is joined by former Chegutu farmer Ben Freeth, who heads the SADC Tribunal Rights Watch group, to talk about the future of the regional Human Rights Tribunal. A case against the suspension of the Tribunal is set to be heard soon by the African Commission on Human and People’s rights, with Freeth leading the fight to fully reinstate the court. He explains more about what the future holds.

Callback 15.01.13

Chipere says hundreds of soldiers have been deployed in Magunje growth point, terrorising and accusing people of being MDC supporters. Now the situation is worse after one of the soldiers was stabbed to death by an angry man they attacked; Muchazvirega says Empowerment Minister Kasukuwere has been visiting & campaigning for ZANU PF in Mt Darwin areas, telling youths to create groups so as to get funding to start projects.

Different Points of View 15.01.13

Duane challenges the assumptions of those who seek to elevate Mugabe into the realms of the divine, as Joice Mujuru tried to do recently by saying that Mugabe was anointed by God to rule.