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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 17th January 2013

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Callback 17.01.13

Moyo says MP’s are going back to their constituencies to campaign and plead with people to vote them back into power. But as MPs’ they failed to deliver or help their constituencies, let alone remove repressive laws; Mkoma Wasu says Zimbabwe’s roads are death traps, full of pot holes and no road signs or markings. This is the reason there are so many accidents taking people’s lives, but the government continues to take people’s money on toll gates and road taxes without fixing the roads.

Crisis Analysis 17.01.13

On Thursday the principals in the unity government announced agreement on the draft of the constitution, saying this paved the way for progress towards a referendum. Tererai speaks to Constitutional Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga, who says the draft must now be presented to the political parties and to parliament, before a referendum is held. Matinenga insists this is just a formality, but there remains concern that ZANU PF will use the opportunity to once again delay the process.