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Newsreel 18.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 18th January 2013

News Headlines 18.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 18th January 2013

Beyond Protest 18.01.13

Fannuel Mabhugu from the Progressive Teachers Union talks about an education project launched this week, aimed at restoring the respect teachers used to have in communities. Mabhugu said teachers are seen as poor and powerless victims of political violence. Government still refuses to pay them enough and allows them to be victimized. The project aims to sensitise communities to issues affecting the profession, in order to bring peace and understanding.

Callback 18.01.13

Tafadzwa says in Mudzi, ZANU PF thugs and war vets, led by the people who recently killed MDC activist Magura, are terrorising villagers and threatening to kill any MDC supporters in the area. People are now living in fear and are running away from their homes; while Choga says people in Ruwa have lost all hope and faith in Zim politics and don’t see any democratic change in the near future; and Citizen says people now have no respect for VP Joice Mujuru, after her blasphemous uttering that the killer and evil president Mugabe was anointed by God to rule.

Letter From Zimbabwe 18.01.13

Cathy Buckle writes: “The snail’s pace of the constitution and confusion of voter eligibility became even more muddled when a new-voter registration drive started at New Year. A few days later it stopped; then we were told there was no money for the exercise, and then that voter registration had been cancelled, until funds were released. While this went on big crowds gathered outside run down government offices. Not allowed to queue inside people have to stand in the mud, the rain and the puddles waiting, waiting, waiting to be allowed in or to be told what’s going on.”