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Callback 19.01.13

Mudzengi says ZANU PF is buying time by frustrating the COPAC progress on the new constitution. But their strategy of rigging elections and blocking a new constitution won’t work this time as people won’t succumb to the threats and pressure from ZPF; while Nikisi says ZPF thugs regularly round up and force vendors in Mbare Musika to attend their meetings. Those who flee or refuse to attend have their goods looted and their vending license revoked. But the police do nothing.

Reporters Forum 19.01.13

Alex Bell is joined by SW Radio Africa’s correspondent Lionel Saungweme who says there is worsening intimidation by ZANU PF across Zimbabwe, aimed at trying to provoke the MDC to commit violence.

Election Watch 19.01.13

The GPA parties finally agreed to a draft of the new constitution, following talks by the principles in Harare on Thursday. But Blessing Vava, spokesman for the National Constitutional Assembly, says they will still campaign for a NO vote when the new charter goes to a referendum, as it is not a people’s charter.

News Roundup 19.01.13

News Roundup 19.01.13