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News Headlines 22.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 22nd January 2013

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Diaspora Diaries 22.01.13

Alex Bell looks at the ongoing problem of child smuggling, after six more Zimbabwean children were smuggled across the South African border recently. Diana Zimbudzana from the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum says many Zim parents in SA can’t afford to be legally reunited with their kids because of the cost of permits. Bulawayo MP Tabitha Khumalo meanwhile warns that children are becoming increasingly vulnerable because of the breakdown of family units across the country.

Callback 22.01.13

Gogo says previous elections have been marred by violence, intimidation, threats and rigging, and many people are scared that the next election will be the same. He urges people to be more resilient and vigilant and force the new constitution to be implemented so we can go for elections; while Mapendere says many Zimbabweans welcome the agreement reached by all three parties in unity government regarding the new constitution. But he says they are sceptical it will stop the violence and persecution of the opposition.

Different Points of View 22.01.13

Duane shows how misplaced praise for Presidents is not limited to Zimbabwe, and this clarifies the true meaning of the Second Coming.