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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 23rd January 2013

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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Hidden Story 23.01.13

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says he does not believed they will be any more dissenting voices, in either party, in the drafting of a new constitution following an agreement last week by the party leaders to bridge their differences on all outstanding issues.

Callback 23.01.13

Muroyiwa says youths and war vets in Goromonzi are forcing sub-chiefs to bring their people to rallies where they are threatened and warned not to vote MDC in the next elections. They are told any party that is not ZANU-PF in the next government means war to the people. Pasi says there is a danger the MDC formations will unknowingly put ZANU-PF supporters forward in the coming primary elections, because there is no proper vetting and some aspiring candidates are buying votes.