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News Headlines 24.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 24th January 2013

Newsreel 24.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Thursday 24th January 2013

Callback 24.01.13

Chesango says the MDC and other political parties should never agree to go for elections without all the GPA issues being implemented, including security sector reform. Any attempt to participate in the next elections will be suicidal, as long as reforms are not fully implemented; while Mudhara says armed soldiers in Mash West are threatening to harm people who dare vote MDC in the next elections. They’ve told those who don’t like President Mugabe to leave the area immediately before they find them out.

Crisis Analysis 24.01.13

Village heads and traditional leaders continue to be targeted by ZANU PF officials, who are demanding lists of all the residents under their jurisdiction and a breakdown of what political party they support. Tererai talks to a Chegutu activist named Machacha and SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme. Machacha says the Mayor and other MDC officials in Chegutu saw their houses bombed in 2008 and residents are being reminded of this. Saungweme received reports from Mberengwa South, Masvingo Province, where ZANU PF councillor Vakai Makuverere threatened to beat up headman and sabhukus.

Heart of the Matter 24.01.13

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says that political violence disrupts attempts at national healing, and Zimbabwe’s political parties need to be encouraged to “reinvent themselves” to ensure violence is not part of the country’s future.