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News Roundup 26.01.13

News Roundup 26.01.13

Callback 26.01.13

Gidza says the death of vice president John Nkomo will bring even more disunity in ZANU PF, as original Zapu members will fight to replace him; while Ruvimbo says war vet leader Jabulani Sibanda, accompanied by ZANU PF minister Didymus Mutasa, recently rounded up sub-chiefs in Mutasa Central and warned them never to allow non-ZANU PF members to live in the area.

Reporters Forum 26.01.13

Alex Bell is joined by SW Radio Africa’s correspondent Lionel Saungweme who says while people are glad there has been movement regarding the new constitution, there is concern the document won’t reflected their views.

Election Watch 26.01.13

As the country heads towards a crucial election this year, ZANU PF ‘shock troops’, led by war vets leader Jabulani Sibanda, have gone on a rampage threatening MDC-T supporters with death if they dare vote against Robert Mugabe. Sekuru Musendo from Manicaland explains how some villagers in several districts of the province are living in fear following Sibanda’s recent visits.