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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 28th January 2013

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Callback 28.01.13

Matanga says exam results have been so bad in Bikita because of the shortage of qualified teachers, who ran away following threats from ZANU PF thugs and war vets. Unqualified youth militias took on the jobs meant for real teachers; while Soko says ZPF election campaigning has resumed in Mutoko. People are forced to attend rallies and are beaten up if they fail to produce ZPF membership cards; and Mai Nyamayaro says as a widow she is struggling to make ends meet and feels betrayed by the system in Zimbabwe, where orphans and widows are neglected and ignored.

Letter from America 28.01.13

Dr. Stan Mukasa discusses the late Dr.John Makumbe’s contribution to the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe. He suggests acts of civil activism that Zimbabweans could engage in to honor Dr. Makumbe’s legacy.