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News Headlines 29.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 29th January 2013

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Diaspora Diaries 29.01.13

Alex Bell is joined in studio by Charles Taffs, the President of the Commercial Farmers Union, who travelled to London this week to counter the misinformation published in a new book on the land grab campaign. Taffs says the book is trying to brush the reality of the land seizures under the carpet, and paint the exercise as a success. He says this is nowhere near the truth and gives a stark breakdown of the current land situation.

Callback 29.01.13

Wilbert says the new draft constitution is weak and feeble and doesn’t reflect the will of the people. It doesn’t guarantee the end to violence, vote rigging or intimidation and people should vote NO to it; while Siza says he is concerned that both MDC parties are running around addressing campaign rallies and talking about elections, instead of talking about the reforms needed in the security sector and media. They should be clear and tell the world they won’t participate in any election without all reforms being implemented.

Different Points of View 29.01.13

Duane reflects on the passing of Prof. John Makumbe and the great loss to the nation. He encourages others to follow
the great example of courage and forthrightness in the quest for renewal in Zimbabwe.