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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 30th January 2013

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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 30th January 2013

Hidden Story 30.01.13

Hopewell Gumbo, a social and economic justice activist, says that Zimbabwe is not ready for general elections this year. He argues that while the levels of confidence are high in all the parties in the GPA, intolerance to opposition still remains a major concern.

Callback 30.01.13

Mahembe says campaigns by political parties are now in full swing in Chipinge, and already threats from ZANU PF thugs, war vets and the army have begun. It appears the new constitution won’t stop this barbaric behaviour and there will be serious violence in the forthcoming election, just like in 2008; Shumba says the new constitution is a compromised deal between political leaders and so many people believe Tsvangirai sold out and nothing will change as far as violence is concerned; while Watsomba says in Chipinge South serious violence is looming. People are intimidated and threatened by ZPF thugs and told if they dare vote for another party a war will start and they will be killed.