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News Headlines 31.01.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 31st January 2013

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SW Radio Africa News Stories for Thursday 31st January 2013

Callback 31.01.13

Mfundo says it’s surprising that ZANU PF is now in agreement with the two MDC formations on the new draft constitution and it’s obvious they are up to something. They have the strategy to rig elections and cling on to power and it will be catastrophic to go for elections without all reforms implemented; while Nixon says ZPF is trying to penetrate Matabeleland by using money to lure people into joining their party, forgetting they have marginalised the region for 33 years. People are now so resilient they are not moved by any propaganda or handouts given to them and won’t vote ZPF in a million years.

Crisis Analysis 31.01.13

Alex Bell stands in for Tererai Karimakwenda and speaks to Ben Freeth from the SADC Tribunal Rights Watch group about the new constitution and the worrying sections that have enshrined discrimination and illegal land seizures into law.

Heart of the Matter 31.01.13

Tanonoka Joseph Whande bemoans the fact that the funeral of the late Professor John Makumbe was used as a political platform by members of the MDC-T. He says the “sanctity of funerals is being violated by politicians who hijack funerals and take to the podium to talk about themselves and their inadequacies, neglecting those who gather in anguish to bid their loved ones farewell.” He adds: “I did not expect this from MDC-T leaders.”