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Newsreel 04.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 4th February 2013

News Headlines 04.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 4th February 2013

Callback 04.02.13

Chakuma says the MDC, as a democratic party, should hold their primary elections in every structure, including where there are sitting MPs, so as to remove those who are failing to perform their duties; while Tafuma says Zimbabweans should not be excited by the new constitution. As long as agreed GPA reforms are not fully implemented nothing will change in the forthcoming elections and ZANU PF will remain in power; Fungai says there has been no water in most suburbs of Harare for over a week and there is terrible stench everywhere which will cause diseases.

Letter from America 04.02.13

Dr. Stan Mukasa suggests strategies Zimbabweans can use to deal with the impending politically-motivated violence, and possible rigging of elections, by Mugabe and ZANU PF.

Behind the Headlines 04.02.13

We hear from Joseph Hanlon and Jeannette Manjengwa, two of the authors of a new book on Zimbabwe’s land grab, who were speaking at the London Economic Forum last week. They explained why they think the land reform exercise is a ‘success’. CFU President Charles Taffs gave his reaction and countered some of the information published in the book.