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Newsreel 05.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tueday 5th February 2013

News Headlines 05.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 5th February 2013

Diaspora Diaries 05.02.13

Alex Bell is joined by Andrew Makoni from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights to try and answer the question: does the new constitution provide for dual citizenship? Den Moyo from the Diaspora Vote Campaign also guests and says the new constitution does not take the rights of citizens in the Diaspora into account.

Different Points of View 05.02.13

Duane comments on the recent open invitation to journalists, to visit the prisons around Zimbabwe. The invitation followed closely on the heels of concerns expressed by prison authorities relating to practising Satanists demanding freedom of worship during incarceration.

Callback 05.02.13

Nashe says the ZANU PF aspiring parliamentary candidate for Mutoko South, Police Assistant Commissioner Pfumbuti, has started terror campaigns. He’s telling his officers to use trumped-up charges to arrest those who are not members of ZPF. He’s also intimidating and threatening innocent people. The signs are already there that there will be serious violence in the next elections; while Tino says there are so many factions, infighting and corruption in the MDC-T in Mash West province. It’s not good for the party which wants to remove ZPF from power, and now they have problems in getting good candidates.