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Newsreel 08.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Friday 8th February 2013

News Headlines 08.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Friday 8th February 2013

Tshisa Rhythms 08.02.13

Ezra Tshisa Rhythms brings you the wonder years of the classic 90?s music, blended with today’s new electro music. All planned to help you enjoy your weekend.

Callback 08.02.13

David says the increase in roadblocks in towns, suburbs and on major highways is the reason Zimbabwe has so many fatal road accidents. The police don’t take unfit cars off the road, never check driver’s licenses or insurance and only demand bribes. This is a nightmare for public transport operators who are not making any profit because of these bribes; while Ruvengwa says the MDC-T should insist that no elections will be held until all the GPA outstanding issues are fulfilled and they should insist on international observers to supervise elections.

Letter From Zimbabwe 08.02.13

Cathy Buckle writes: “Oh my word what a fearful foreboding this sight gives for our country in the coming months. Almost everything looks to be too late. People were still planting maize after Christmas and into early January, too late in the best of seasons. Then the heavens opened and the rains didn’t stop for three or more weeks. Instead of being head high and with their flowers waving in the wind, the maize plants are barely calf high, in some places ankle high, and almost everywhere it is pale, sickly yellow, you can almost hear it pleading for a few handfuls of fertilizer but it’s too late.”