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News Roundup 09.02.13

News Roundup 09.02.13

Callback 09.02.13

Wilbert says Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should act, get involved and urge their friends and families to vote NO to the COPAC draft constitution. This new document won’t bring about change and the unusual silence from ZANU PF and its violent thugs is a clear sign that Mugabe and ZPF want this constitution adopted. They know it will benefit them; while Sibanda says the poor exam results are the work of ZPF, which destroyed the education system by failing to motivate teachers or pay them competitive salaries. There are also no books or resources for school children.

Reporters Forum 09.02.13

Alex Bell is joined by SW Radio Africa’s correspondent in Harare Simon Muchemwa. Muchemwa explains how the water crisis in the capital is affecting residents, describing the challenges and horrible realities of living with no water supply.

Election Watch 09.02.13

Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said they expect the Yes vote to prevail in the forthcoming referendum. But he has urged Zimbabweans to carefully study the draft document so that when they vote, they will be doing so from an informed position.