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Monday Night Debate 11.02.13

Join Gerry Jackson, Violet Gonda and Alex Bell for the first in a new series of programs. The SW Radio Africa news team look at some of the stories that may not have hit the mainstream news, but are important and need discussion. We also want to involve you the listener in the conversation. Follow or join in, on Twitter using the hash tag ‘SWRAChat’.

Newsreel 11.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 11th February 2013

News Headlines 11.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 11th February 2013

Heart of the Matter 11.02.13

Heart of the Matter begins in its new Monday slot with Tanonoka Joseph Whande who is urging the MDC-T to stay out of the ‘sanctions’ debate. He says there is nothing to warrant the party’s lobbying efforts to have the measures lifted, accusing the MDC of “being part of the rot.”

Callback 11.02.13

Mukadota says the MDC-T is taking things for granted, they are not campaigning or going to meet people in rural areas and they are in danger of losing elections. People feel abandoned and neglected by the party while ZANU PF is financially looking after its supporters; Sekai says the NCA and some civil organisations are urging people to vote NO to the new constitution. But some people feel this will delay the whole process of fighting for democratic change through elections; while Cleopas says there is much corruption in MDC-T structures in Masvingo, as the party gears itself up for primary elections. Sadly unqualified people are bribing the top leadership to be allowed to contest.