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SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 12th February 2013

Diaspora Diaries 12.02.13

With the four year anniversary of Zimbabwe’s unity government being marked this week, Alex Bell speaks to members of the Diaspora about their expectations for 2013. Tonderai Samanyanga, who heads the Free Zimbabwe Global Protest movement in the UK, says the issues at the centre of their protests have not been resolved and they will continue demonstrating every month until they are. Den Moyo, who heads the protest movement in the US, says the lack of a Diaspora vote in the new constitution is a serious disappointment.

Callback 12.02.13

Godzilla says Zimbabwe has so many oppressive laws, which will make it difficult for the country to attain any democratic change. Chaos and violence will increase as ZANU PF fights to retain power and change will remain a dream for millions of people; while Panama says the government is spending millions of US dollars to block and jam foreign based independent radio stations like SW Radio Africa, trying to deny people access to balanced and independent news and information. It’s so frustrating that instead of supplying electricity to homes of millions of people they waste it on things like jamming, which don’t bring food to the table.