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Tshisa Rhythms 16.02.13

Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda features music from African legends, fused with Western pop. It takes a look at the changing times and transformation of music in the modern world we live in.

News Roundup 16.02.13

News Roundup 16.02.13

Callback 16.02.13

Casper says the drafting of the new constitution started well with people contributing to the document, but as time went on everything changed as political parties interfered and took over the role of COPAC; while Tafadzwa says Madhuku is out in full force urging people to vote NO to the new constitution, which people haven’t seen or read. People are wondering what his motives are and they believe he is has a ZANU PF agenda.

Election Watch 16.02.13

Aspiring MDC-T parliamentary candidate Blessing Karembera has claimed an isolated tribe in the Dande valley of Mashonaland central province has been left out of the country’s elective processes, because of government’s failure to introduce modernization programs in remote areas.

Reporters Forum 16.02.13

Alex is joined by SW Radio Africa’s Bulawayo correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, who warns that ZANU PF youths are joining the voluntary ‘special constabulary’ wing of the police force, after being told to ‘control’ the MDC in Mudzi North. Saungweme reports that known ZANU PF youths are also manning the local neighbourhood watches in Mudzi North and Murehwa district.