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Newsreel 18.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 18th February 2013

News Headlines 18.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 18th February 2013

Monday Night Debate 18.02.13

Join Gerry Jackson, Tichaona Sibanda and Alex Bell as the SW Radio Africa news team look at some of the stories that may not have hit the mainstream news. We also want to involve you the listener in the conversation. Follow or join in on Twitter using the hash tag ‘SWRAChat’.

Heart of the Matter 18.02.13

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says the MDC-T needs to acknowledge and value the support it has in and outside Zimbabwe, and explain some of its actions during its time in government. Whande says the party’s campaign to have targeted sanctions against ZANU PF removed, among other issues, has confused MDC-T supporters.

Callback 18.02.13

Banda says Mnangagwa has been urging ZANU PF supporters in Zhombe and Gokwe to attack opponents who belong to MDC. But the people from Midlands have shunned his call and are refusing to take his instructions, obviously fearing repercussions; while Manager says people should not get excited and buy into the idea of ZPF and MDC having elections this year. Nothing has changed, there are no media or security reforms and repressive laws like POSA and are AIPPA still in place. Why should Zimbabweans go for elections under the same environment which will be marred by violence, intimidation and rigging of results?