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Diaspora Diaries 19.02.13

Alex Bell focuses on the European Union’s decision to remove 21 individuals from its list of targeted sanctions in place against the Robert Mugabe regime. Alex is joined by former Chegutu farmer Ben Freeth who recounts his experiences at the hands of a notoriously violent ‘war vet’ named Gilbert Moyo, who has now been removed from the list. Moyo led the abduction and severe beatings of Freeth and his parents-in-law in 2008.

Callback 19.02.13

Never says the leaders of the Apostolic Faith have diverted from the founding ideals of the congregation by turning church services into ZANU PF. Members of the congregation are urged to buy ZPF cards in order to receive residential stands; while Ncube says people and civic organisations need more time to study the constitution and decide for themselves if it’s good or bad. The government should use the media to send the new constitution to the masses, explaining every detail, so that mistakes are not made in deciding the way forward in the referendum.