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Newsreel 20.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 20th February 2013

News Headlines 20.02.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 20th February 2013

Hidden Story 20.02.13

The appointment of Jacob Mudenda, the former ZANU PF governor for Matabeleland North, as chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, has created controversy in Zimbabwe. Human rights activist Gabriel Shumba, and our correspondent Lionel Saungweme, have expressed misgivings about the appointment.

Wilbert on Wednesdays 20.02.13

UK based Zim analyst Wilbert Mukori, gives his views on issues relating to Zimbabwe. This week Wilbert says without even reading the draft constitution he can see the upcoming elections will not be free or fair. The media is not free and the infrastructure behind the violence in past elections is still there and primed for action. These things are not going to suddenly disappear the day the new constitution becomes law.

Callback 20.02.13

Sanda says the MDC and ZANU PF have taken advantage of their support base to encourage people to vote YES to the constitution, without giving people time to read and study the draft. They know people are so desperate for change they will welcome this document and vote to please their leaders, which confirms the constitution is politically driven; while Super says the MDC should organise itself and stop corruption within the party. Signs are already there that it will be just like ZPF when it gets into power.