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Tshisa Rhythms 23.02.13

Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda features music from an African legend all about the late great reggae King of Africa’s music, the one and only Lucky Dube, showcasing his music and talent which took the world by storm.

Callback 23.02.13

Rusike says the MDC should be concerned as to why ZANU PF is pushing for a referendum and elections and why they are giving people less than a month to decide how to vote. There is surely something secret that ZPF is planning to do and it’s only a fool who buys into ZPF lies; Godlove says the resignation of ZEC chairman Mutambanengwe was expected as he was fed up and frustrated with interference from ZPF. He is a man of integrity who wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense and it looks like he unearthed a lot of irregularities in ZEC; while George says Kasukuwere & Gono’s fight about indigenisation shows ZANU F won’t agree to relinquish power, no matter what. A referendum and elections are a waste of time and resources because it’s obvious ZPF will hold onto power at all costs.

News Roundup 23.02.13

News Roundup 23.02.13

Reporters Forum 23.02.13

Alex Bell and SW Radio Africa’s Bulawayo correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, report on the latest defections from the MDC led by Welshman Ncube to the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai. He gives the details of a letter written by two Bulilima councillors who announced their defection, saying “democratic forces need to close rank” ahead of elections this year.

Election Watch 23.02.13

The MDC-T chairman for the UK and Ireland, Tonderai Samanyanga, says while they are now resigned to the fact that millions of Zimbabweans will not vote in this year’s elections, they still urge those that are registered and have the means to travel to Zimbabwe to do so, because ‘every vote counts in the next election.’