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Newsreel 08.07.13

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 8th July 2013

News Headlines 08.07.13

SW Radio Africa News Headlines 8th July June 2013

Callback 08.07.13

Anthony Ngolo talks to us about the daily challenges of being an MDC-T supporter in Wedza South. He says since he openly declared his allegiance to the MDC-T in 2008 he has been excluded from the grain loan scheme, inputs scheme, and even threatened with expulsion from his village. He says his name was removed from the voters’ roll and his re-registration reversed by the registrars who claimed he was an alien, although his ID papers state clearly that he is a citizen. Kamba in Chitungwiza, says the MDC-T will win the elections and does not need to enter into any coalitions as this will make decision-making cumbersome.

Heart of the Matter 08.07.13

Tanonoka Joseph Whande says the SADC regional body and Robert Mugabe ‘deserve each other’, because of the failures both are responsible for. He says SADC is “the epitome of failure and short-sightedness,” while Mugabe “cares not for Zimbabwe but only for his old skin, along with his parasitic cronies who have milked the nation dry over the years.”