News Headlines 07.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Thursday 7th August 2014

Letter from America 07.08.14

Dr. Stan Mukasa pays tribute to SW Radio Africa for being the electronic voice of oppressed Zimbabweans.

The Big Picture 07.08.14

As conditions continue to deteriorate in Zim some observers say the ingredients for the collapse of ZANU PF are there, pointing to the sporadic protests against the ruling party as an indication that ordinary Zimbabweans are now fed up and may kick the regime out. Others say the infighting will spell the end of the party or that the dead economy will be ZANU PF’s Waterloo. What will it take for ZANU PF to finally leave power? Noma Moyo poses this question to Rashweat Mukundu, director at Zim Democracy Institute and Dzimbabwe Chimbga of the Zim Lawyers for Human Rights.

Callback 07.08.14

Loro says he’s unemployed and looking for work. He condemns Chinese companies for Zim’s economic meltdown saying they took over viable businesses and have been looting our resources, giving the country nothing.Tshuks says there is nothing to celebrate in the forthcoming holidays. It’s insulting for people to be told to mark this holiday as a heroes day when Zims find themselves more persecuted, more oppressed and more discriminated by the same people who call themselves liberators.

Newsreel 06.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Wednesday 6th August 2014

News Headlines 06.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Wednesday 6th August 2014

Callback 06.08.14

Maphepha says there is a serious cash flow crisis in Zim and the situation needs urgent intervention. He says the rate businesses and industries are closing down is alarming.
Senzeni says she is a cross-border trader, buying goods from neighbouring states to sell in Zim, but people don’t have money to buy. She says it has hit her so hard she doesn’t know what to do next.

Cutting Edge 06.08.14

Diana Zimbudzana, project coordinator at the Zim Exiles Forum, is warning SADC leaders not to emulate President Mugabe’s empowerment policies, particularly land reform, which she says has been a disaster. Zimbudzana says this after foreign affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi indicated that Zimbabwe would use the SADC chairmanship, which it assumes next weekend, to promote Mugabe’s policies.

Hidden Story 06.08.14

President Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior, is reportedly being earmarked for a political career, following weekend reports that some ZANU PF youth members are lobbying for his nomination to an influential position in the Youth League. This development comes after First Lady Grace was endorsed to lead the Women’s League two weeks ago, under the guise of ending factionalism in the party. Political commentator Mutsa Murenje says the elevation of Mugabe’s wife and son into party structures will raise tensions in the party.

News Headlines 05.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Tuesday 5th August 2014

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