Newsreel 05.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Tuesday 5th August 2014

Diaspora Diaries 05.08.14

As South African-based Zimbabweans await Pretoria’s final decision on their special residence permits, community leaders are saying the situation has created a crisis. Zimbabwe Community in South Africa Chairman Nqgabutho Mabhena, says as some of the documents have already expired many of their members were in ‘limbo’ and some were now being forced out of their jobs. Zim Migrants International communications director Daniel Muzenda says some of their members have been rounded up by police and detained at Lindela detention center.

Speak Out Padare 05.08.14

Our correspondent in Harare, Simon Muchemwa, says there is concern among Zimbabweans that the European Union is actively re-engaging with the ZANU PF regime, before crucial reforms are implemented to move the country forward. He says he agrees with former farmer and activist Ben Freeth who believes the EU re-engagement is driven by selfish interests, at the expense of democracy.

Callback 05.08.14

Farence says he drives a mini bus between Gwanda and Beitbridge and is fed up with police road blocks which are the cause of road accidents. He pays bribes to the police to pass without delay so they don’t waste his time.
Wellington says there is no cash in Zim and his company has had to make three quarters of the staff redundant. He says he has no choice but to close his construction company down.

Newsreel 04.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Stories for Monday 4th August 2014

News Headlines 04.08.14

SW Radio Africa News Headlines Monday 4th August 2014

Callback 04.08.14

Moyo says he is shocked that the trusted news and information from SW Radio Africa is coming to an end. He believes the ZANU PF regime will celebrate when the broadcasts end because the majority of Zims listen to the station, to get truthful news, which the government doesn’t want people to know.

Rutendo says she can’t comprehend how life will be without her favourite radio station, SW Radio Africa, which gives Zimbabweans a voice and also provides balanced news, information and entertainment. She says it’s a blow to ordinary people.

The Zimbabwe We Want 04.08.14

Noma Moyo speaks to ex-Chegutu farmer and rights campaigner Ben Freeth, and ex-Minister for Healing Moses Mzila-Ndlovu, about the renewed onslaught on white farmers by ZANU PF. Last week Dr Ray Ndhlukula, a top official in President Mugabe’s office, began his forcible takeover of David Connolly’s Centenary Farm in Figtree, Mat South, breaching an existing court order. Ndhlukula, who already owns another farm, told Connolly that white people have no legal protection from the courts on land matters.

Heart of the Matter 04.08.14

Tanonoka Joseph Whande continues to look at events in ZANU PF’s succession politics, following reports that Mugabe’s son, whom Tano refers to as a “little punk called Robert Junior”, is eyeing a political position in his home constituency and follows his mother Grace into the political arena. Tano says it has become clear this is all part of a big plan to seal Mugabe’s legacy and secure their business interests.

Letter From Zimbabwe 04.08.14

Author Cathy Buckle writes: It is with great sadness this week that I say a final goodbye to Gerry Jackson and the team at SW Radio Africa, who two weeks ago stopped their shortwave radio broadcasts to Zimbabwe but continue on the internet until Sunday.
The silence they have left is a crushing blow. For me Gerry’s voice takes me back to doing stock take in my little farm store in 1997. With goose bumps I listened to her historic broadcast on Radio Three, when for many of us this crisis all began. War vets demanded and received huge $50,000 payouts; the President sent our troops to war in the DR Congo and we exploded into food riots.

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