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Mberi say that it’s time for fresh elections and a new constitution; Chaka comments that food is now readily available and prices are coming down, but only for those who are able to get forex, and, Tonderai says he is happy with the GNU as he is getting paid in forex and his life has since improved.

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Willy, Dominic and Lameck discuss the recent ‘battle of the information Ministries.’ Critics say the MDC signed up to a ‘flawed arrangement’ with the unity government, and they shouldn’t have signed before the allocation of Ministries had been finalised and while other issues such as governorships remained unclear. Issues such as repealing POSA and AIPPA should also now be a priority.

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Alex Bell is joined by the coordinator of the Zimbabwe Vigil in the UK, Rose Benton, to discuss the protest group’s plan of action for this weekend’s Independence Day. The group will be marking the day by calling for an amnesty for all prisoners in Zimbabwe, until the unity government addresses the horrendous prison conditions exposed in a recent South African TV documentary. Benton explains that the Vig il is challenging Zimbabwe’s government to take action, saying “the government needs to be seen to be doing the right thing, if they really want investment in the country.”

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Vakuru says most people are no longer supportive of the GNU and want to see only one party at the helm; Muchineripi says there is no significant change since the new government was formed – people are still suffering, and, Nzara says thanks to the MDC food is now available in shops but the fact remains, ZANU PF is still in charge.

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