Rebuilding Zimbabwe 060309

In the three weeks that the inclusive government has been in existence, prices of petrol and food have begun to fall. MDC senator Morgan Femai says the next 100 days will be crucial if we are to attract donors, who must be able to see there is the rule of law and respect for human rights. These are the basic requirements that the international community need, before they’ll provide the much needed finance to help rebuild the country.

Letter from Zimbabwe 060309

Cathy Buckle reports ‘I am writing this letter on the 9th anniversary of the commencement of farm seizures in Zimbabwe. I am also writing this letter on the day when Mr Mugabe’s 85th birthday party is being held in Chinhoyi.’

On the Pulse 060309

Features one big argument between presenters Lance Guma and Brilliant Pongo. Only the music played in between was able to separate them on the day. Watch out for music from Gudchild, Winky D, ExQue ft Oliver Mtukudzi and Flavour P.

Hotseat 060309

The guest is Derek Matyszak, legal expert and senior researcher at the Research and Advocacy Unit in Zimbabwe. He recently wrote a critical analysis of Constitutional Amendment #19, which he says is ‘stuffed with ambiguities, vague drafting and omissions.’ The lawyer details a shocking list of violations of the constitution since the setting up of the inclusive government, which includes the unconstitutional appointment of additional Ministers. He also describes how Zimbabwe is now in a peculiar and unique situation where the constitution actually specifies who the Prime Minister should be, by name.

Callback 050309

Oliver owns a small business that he says is about to close down because they cannot access the forex to stay in business; in the lead-up to International Women’s Day on March 8th, Duty talks about some of the recent contributions made by women such as WOZA, and the governments failure to be ‘woman friendly.’ Washington says everyone is struggling to survive because even basic food items can now only be bought with forex.

Behind the Headlines 050309

Lance Guma speaks to former Education Minister Dr Fay Chung, in a wide ranging interview. How does she see the prospects of success for the new coalition government, given the constant violations by ZANU PF? Lance also asks her about the problems rocking Dr Simba Makoni’s Mavambo Movement, which she is part of. Dr Chung explains why she made the decision to support Makoni’s presidential bid last year. Would she ever be tempted to join the MDC?

The Heart of the Matter 050309

Tanonoka once again advises the MDC to ‘proceed with caution,’ and to stop ‘protecting ZANU PF’ and allowing themselves to be used. He echoes the popular sentiment that ‘Gono must go,’ especially as potential Western donors have made it clear that they are less willing to give funds as long as the Reserve Bank Governor, viewed as being responsible for the economic decline, remains in position. Tano also comments on the ICC warrant of arrest issued against Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir. He says that Mugabe’s crimes against his own people are even more reprehensible because they did not take place during a period of armed conflict.

Hidden Story 040309

Human rights lawyer Gabriel Shumba has claimed there is a raging battle for power in the inclusive government, between ZANU PF and the MDC. Shumba says at the centre of this battle is Roy Bennett, the incarcerated MDC treasurer general, who is being used by ZANU PF as a pawn in securing immunity from prosecution for it’s gross human rights violations since Independence in 1980.

Democracy 101 040309

Willy, Dominic and Poison discuss Mugabe’s recent controversial statement that said the SADC tribunal’s ruling in favour of 78 white farmers was ‘absolute nonsense.’ This is the same grouping that gave Mugabe a valuable lifeline by rubber-stamping the unity government deal, and making sure the opposition went along with it. But now the ink has begun to dry on the agreement, Mugabe no longer feels the need to court them. He also said the unity government is only an interim government and its life span will be 2 years, casting further doubts on hopes for a new democratic dispensation any time soon.

Callback 040309

Mlambo says that as far as the GNU is concerned, there are still no signs that Mugabe is prepared to share power equally; Charles is very unsure of recent developments because he says ZANU PF is continuing to direct events, and like a ‘virus’ they are invading and overcoming their MDC partners. Then, Joe reports the cholera outbreak in Bindura is serious because of the broken sewage sy

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